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A Family Tradition Since 1989

Watson Recycling is a third generation recycling facility which has been in operation at the same location in Rochester MN for over twenty years. It was started by Rodney Watson and in the early years was primarily focused on recycling paper, plastic, and aluminum products. Customers collected and brought in a wide variety of newspapers, tin and aluminum cans, glass bottles, and other recyclables which were weighed on a scale and paid for according to weight. In the early years prices ranged from two cents per pound for glass and paper to twenty three cents per pound for aluminum cans.

The company then evolved into providing a sorting facility for Watson Rubbish Removal’s curbside recycling. We started a route truck to pick up glass bottles from local bars and high grade paper from local printing shops. As the local and worldwide economy changed and grew; Watson Recycling changed with it. Our focus shifted to more valuable commodities such as aluminum cans, copper, brass, and stainless steel.

We are excited to show you the next step in our progression. Our new state of the art facility will accept all types of metals including scrap vehicles, tin, iron, and steel. We strive to be conscious of the environment and take care of it for our future generations as well!

From our family to yours: Welcome and we look forward to serving you!

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Front Row: Glen Watson
Back Row Left to Right: Jonathan Watson,
David Watson, Jeremiah Watson, Timothy Watson

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